Get information anytime, anywhere with Ariya

Ariya meets your everyday information needs

Ariya is the AI- enabled digital assistant simplifies the information process and dissemination.  Eliminating the need to lean on tools and colleagues to perform manual searches. By executing mundane, data-oriented tasks that would normally consume considerable staff resources, Ariya frees up time for staff to focus on critical tasks and be efficient.



The Digital Assistant for the Healthcare Industry

At phamax, our business offerings are curated for the healthcare industry users, where conversational AI can bring ground-breaking changes the industry.

We have a profound legacy that includes a decade of working with pharma clients internationally. phamax has identified the challenges of working with considerable data and everyday processes which consume time and resources. So, we took advanced technology and trained it in healthcare to simplify everyday information related processes.

Conversational AI

What is conversational AI?

Conversational AI is the communication automation technology based on advanced robotic solutions. The term refers to digital assistants that can lead natural conversations with humans.

It often combines artificial intelligence  technology with other technologies (natural language processing, machine learning, secure integration, process workflows, dialogue state management, speech recognition, etc.) to deliver a more personalized user experience while lowering the cost to serve.

Think of conversational AI as the ‘brain’ that powers a virtual digital assistant.

Conversational AI has evolved far beyond conventional norms, now being able to understand voice commands and the intent and context of different situations.

Its limitless potential is a testament to today’s technological progression, as we enter a space where AI & ML can simulate human interactions.

phamax and conversational AI: Ariya

Ariya was built with the intention to change people’s lives, and their challenges with information processing in an environment where conversational AI can profoundly influence interactions between machine and users 

As we continuously train our conversational AI to become more advanced with domain expertise, it assists to make information organized, more accessible, easily shared.

Get information anytime, anywhere with Ariya

Why Choose Ariya?

With increasing popularity, Conservational AI is here to stay. Training the technology with domain knowledge can open greater opportunities towards enhancing organisational and employee efficiency. Eliminating all tedious steps throughout the information journey is a thing of the past. Gone are those days when you had to depend on your colleague or have the technical skills to get information.

Ariya is one of the revolutionary examples of transforming the traditional ways to process and access information.

What makes Ariya unique is that it is a pioneer of utilizing conversational AI in the healthcare industry. Ariya offers differentiated value that will transcend the way health organization’s process information.

Connecting to Multiple Data Sources

Leverage your existing investments in technology infrastructure. Ariya can seamlessly integrate with your organization’s knowledge repository and information sources like CRM, SAP, and more. Consequently, you can access information from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Omnichannel Orchestrated

You want to connect with your users where ever they are. With Ariya you can choose to integrate to any interface for organizations to facilitate communicating with internal or external users. 

Also, leverage advanced Ariya interface, the digital knowledge assistant which can be customized to the user’s preference.

In healthcare, when it comes to connecting with healthcare professionals, pharma has come a long way from traditional face-to-face contacts and print media (HCPs). The last several years have witnessed a significant increase in internet interaction.

Hence, Ariya can also be used as a channel for communication to share and engage verified users with approved information 

Transforming the way you process everyday information

One of Ariya’s biggest draws is its ability to reduce staff workloads so they can focus on their core competencies. Our AI implementation is designed to remove dependencies on your colleagues so they can access instant information. Organizations are becoming increasingly reliant on data and information, where equipping staff with the knowledge they need to be successful means everything.

As the impact and application of AI multiplies across various industries, we have taken the initiative to apply transcendent principles from a profound, life-saving perspective.


What can you ask Ariya?

With unprecedented access to data and information on demand, healthcare users can use Ariya to improve decision-making and work with greater confidence. With the ability to serve internal and external user groups, everyone can benefit from the convenience, efficiency, and an all-encompassing approach to healthcare operation


Supporting through the information journey

Ariya helps employees get the right information when they need it. The application of our end-to-end conversational AI will enable organisations to capture, manage, process and leverage information.

Here are some of Ariya’s best features:

Ease of use

Ease of Use

Ariya enables data and information to be more accessible to everyone in an interactive and engaging manner, on any device.

Become more effective

Become More Effective

By instantly making information and data available, the user will save time and become more productive.

On the Go

On The Go

Ariya works anytime, anywhere  – be it at work, in the middle of a review, or simply ON THE GO.


Your data is always encrypted and can only be accessed by authenticated users, e.g., through DocCheck or SSO login.

Ariya suite: current use cases

Ariya knowledge assistant

Knowledge Assistant

Knowledge hub for learning and information queries


Analytics for ad-hoc decision making

Ariya sales assistant

Sales Assistant​

Market, competition and sales information, on the go


Interactive communication channel and information repository

Reinvent the way you get information with Ariya