AI-powered digital assistant for healthcare websites

Use the power of AI for enhanced engagement with your clients and patients

You can now add Ariya to your healthcare website and open up a new level of service for your clients so you can serve them better. Ariya now answers online questions so your Medical Affairs team can deal with the issues that matter most. Ariya can turn down the volume on client queries so you can hear the questions that really matter.

The use of digital technology for accessing online information is the norm today, and now AI is transforming data access for online healthcare systems. Patients find it increasingly simple to access care services and medical information using computers or smartphones. They can employ these devices to find their way around online healthcare systems, access medical information, and communicate with their healthcare team.

But the type of technology you deploy is vitally important. Indeed, using an AI-enabled digital assistant like Ariya instead of a simple rules-driven chatbot is the only way to guarantee an enhanced user experience on your healthcare website. AI-based digital assistants are far more sophisticated. They operate using an AI framework that enable them to more accurately understand a patient’s tone and intent by scanning
their precise query and responding appropriately. Additionally, AI tech can recognise open-ended questions and comprehend orders or commands.

Patients will know you care when you let Ariya instantly answer online queries. Hear more and speak less when you add Ariya to your healthcare website. Help your clients 24/7 when Ariya’s on duty. Now available on great healthcare websites worldwide.

Why use Ariya on your healthcare website?

1. Provide critical information immediately by automating data entry with AI:

Time is of the essence in healthcare. An easy-to-use conversational interface can provide helpful information instantly, especially when every second counts. By installing an advanced domain-trained digital assistant like Ariya, healthcare providers can immediately answer patients’ most commonly asked questions on their website.

2. Increase the usability of your website

Your content marketing team has toiled with an agency to make your website info as good as it can be, yet it goes unused because no one likes to endlessly scroll to find what they need. So instead, communicate your online healthcare information easily using Ariya and see visitor engagement soar.

3. Available 24/7

Scenarios like COVID-19 highlighted the need for HCPs to be available around the clock to provide emergency assistance. You can employ Ariya on websites designed to resolve the queries of both patients and stakeholders 24/7. When healthcare professionals witness the tremendous potential for time, cost, and staffing efficiencies that Ariya provides, they get very excited. Medical Affairs teams are now free to address urgent issues, while Ariya reduces overall workload by offering accurate, critical advice and a topnotch patient experience. And it’s not just at the sharp end where AI makes a difference. For example, the phamax team recently used Ariya at a virtual congress for HCPs which helped them present innovative and engaging product information.

4. Enhancing patient experiences

Nobody wants a robotic-sounding response in an emergency. Instead, they need genuine care, personalised with well-crafted dialogue that recognises their requirements and responds with an approved and accurate response. Ariya provides this level of service by design.

5. Add to any preferred channel

Embed Ariya on your patient information website for use at a virtual congress or any other preferred channel. Integrate website analytics to MS Teams and take control of them in real-time. Engage efficiently with your workmates with Ariya’s ongoing assistance.

6. Always private and secure

Ariya is secure and compliant with industry and legal standards. Before going live, our project teams ensure that the content Ariya provides will always comply with all relevant legal statutes. Additionally, geo-based content control is available, so patients and HCPs only get information and data approved under local regulations.

7. In-depth insights help to personalise interactions

Ariya’s Analytics engine draws on up-to-the-minute data to provide real-time insights into web visitors and their online behaviours. This information helps you understand and enhance future patient experiences and ensures your website is always up-to-date.

8. Set notification triggers

Adverse or critical events may require the immediate attention of Medical Affairs teams. If web data shows a developing issue, Ariya can notify the right team straightaway. For example, patients who report an adverse event due to their medication need an immediate response. Ariya recognises this and escalates it urgently.

Bonus feature: Take the sting out of online form filling

Ariya collects patient data and auto-fills online templates, making it hassle-free for the user. Automating this process allows HCPs to focus on more critical tasks that promote better patient outcomes.

This feature is also perfect for encouraging clients to enrol on a training program or register for a clinical trial. It all becomes much faster and easier using Ariya.

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