Ariya proactive

We’ve all had some experience with regular digital assistants in some form on digital channels which are passive or reactive. Meaning, they remain inactive until the user starts a conversation or enters instructions. So was Ariya, but she can now provide proactive information that will significantly reduce your workload.

What is proactive interaction and why is it so important?

In an ideal scenario, we as humans aren’t very good at asking for help. Even if we need assistance, most of us won’t speak up unless we’re offered assistance. The same is true when it comes to using a digital assistant that fails to provide a positive user experience since we discovered that our users are unfamiliar with how to make the utmost use of the most efficient AI solution available.

Unlike regular digital assistants, proactive assistants start conversations pre-emptively. Ariya’s proactive features were designed to offer users with the information or data evidence they need to start their day and make quick decisions.

How does Proactive features benefit you?

With Ariya, your daily experiences with business information are easier and convenient!

1. Monitor performance and plan your week

Keep yourself up-to-date with data summaries at the beginning and end of the week. Get personalized information triggered at the start of your week or day which helps you to monitor the performance of your account or reports. Now you can make data based strategic plans or assign tasks to enable your team members to achieve that far-sighted goal. With a little assistance from Ariya, you can make your team efficient and be better prepared for meetings and discussions.

2. Get notified with data evidences

Monitoring product performance or data evidence can take a lot of time and assistance from analysts. These dependencies consume time as well as may delay your decisions. Now with Ariya, set data evidence you want to be notified with on a regular basis or at a certain time period to monitor, for instance, market performance. Get notified of team performance and plan your week efficiently. You may also keep an eye on that pesky competitor or brand, which would otherwise require constant and manual efforts to look for.

3. Stay alert for irregularities

You may often miss out on an irregularity, causing you to react very late. With Ariya’s proactive skills, set threshold limits to performances or connect to reporting systems and get instant notifications. Act spontaneously in case of irregularities and unplanned scenarios, as Ariya alerts you of the thresholds defined. With Ariya available on MS Teams, you can react and share critical data scenarios with your teammates for discussions or notify them to take immediate actio

Key features:

  1. The updates can be personalized and private to each user
  2. Data access can be user-specific or department specific
  3. Ariya notifies you in real-time of competitor moves and market updates
  4. Get alerts to irregularities or define a threshold to be notified
  5.      .    Get data to monitor performances at defined time periods

Use cases:


  • Blue-day kick-off: Ariya greets users on Monday morning with an activity summary update
  • Daily updates: The user gets a defined data point or performance summary every morning
  • Attention, please! Ariya alerts the user in case of abnormalities, deviation from the normal performance, or expected results
  • Friday update: As the week ends, Ariya notifies users of the current week’s performance or some interesting data evidence
Ariya proactive

Makes your life easier, isn’t it? Do you have more use cases in mind? Let’s discuss over a call or write to us

Stay tuned for more exciting product updates of Ariya.