The Role of NLP (Natural Language Processing) in conversational AI

Chatbots are everywhere in our daily online lives. Most of these chatbots are rule-driven, following a predetermined workflow that responds to text-based queries. However, there is never any sense that we are dealing with another human when we interact with a rule-driven chatbot. Any deviation from the expected response results in ‘Sorry, can you please repeat that?’ or termination of the process.

AI-driven chatbots are very different. Their responses seem more dynamic and flexible, even empathetic. This is because they leverage NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine Learning to understand what the user is searching for. Within its predefined limits, an AI-enabled chatbot or Conversational AI is trained to mimic human conversation.

A conversational AI-enabled digital assistant is even more sophisticated.

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Conversational AI can do everything that AI-driven chatbots can do but also initiate and lead personalized conversations that feel entirely natural to humans. They seem to understand the context and get smarter with every conversation. Conversational AI is the driver guiding the advanced chatbot or virtual assistant in its interactions with human users. Click here to read more to understand why it is such a game-changer and how it makes digital assistants more ‘conversational’.

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