Why Responsible AI matters

Digital assistants and conversational AIs are a common part of our daily lives. Industries like banking, insurance, telecoms, and retail sectors all use AI to interact with clients, not to mention in emerging areas like autonomous vehicles.

Of course, we have all seen movies where artificial intelligence systems develop a sense of self and begin to devastate the planet. The AI will happily serve our needs one moment, and then send red-eyed cyborgs through time tunnels to end existence as we know it the next. Even though we are aware that these dystopian stories are the stuff of blockbuster films, it is also true to say that these dramas are, in some ways, influencing how we perceive what AI might be able to accomplish in the future.

In this blog, we will get to know

· What is meant by “responsible AI

· The significance of developing responsible AI

· The guiding principles of Responsible AI

· A Responsible AI for the healthcare sector

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