Ariya for sales support

A global leader in eye care products and solutions simplifies access to information for their sales force with Ariya.

When the phamax team launched Ariya, our conversational AI, in 2020, our goal was to disrupt how healthcare firms access and use their data. 

We want to sweep away the time-consuming search for information and the tedious analysis that follows and make these ‘old school’ processes a thing of the past. 

So we partnered with a phamax client who adopted Ariya to empower their sales team. Our client’s sales team lost the most valuable resources “time” doing admin tasks which also added to their work load affecting their efficiency. They were keen to explore the use of AI driven process automation to enable their sales team to use on-demand information for their day-day activities.

In our case study, you’ll see how Ariya brought agility, focus and process efficiency to the sales operations, including:

  • Easy access to sales and performance data.
  • Up to 20% more time to do value-added work.
  • Enhanced insights into the needs of prospects and clients.
  • Sales reporting that writes itself.

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