Converse your native language, Ariya will understand

Ariya can now comprehend and respond in your native language with the domain-trained language orchestrator supporting multiple languages. Use cases in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

How Does It Work?

how does it work

At phamax, we have successfully applied advanced ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) and NLP to improve our digital assistant’s conversational skills. This is why Ariya is able to deliver conversation users would expect from a friendly colleague. Responses are dynamic, relevant, and above all spontaneous. It works faster, more flexibly, and more efficiently than traditional methods when accessing and processing information.

The NLP applied to Ariya is ‘domain trained’. This means she can identify industry-specific terms relational to the business domain viz medical terms, business names, and other keywords which stand outside the universal directory of normal NLP code

Experience Ariya with our live demo from one of our experts!