Hassle-free data entry. Just ask Ariya and get it done.

People hate filling data into forms and systems. Let's simplify it.

Data entry; it’s a vital process that’s integral to business progress. But forms are a nightmare to complete manually, and nobody likes doing it. Everyone from sales teams to general management feels the weighty burden of entering data into forms and systems, which takes a bucketload of time and manual effort.

Hurrah, we now have the solution!

Now you can dictate form entries to Ariya, and she’ll do the rest. Even in our automated world, manual form entry persists. And typing information into spreadsheets, ERP systems, and other business software remains tedious work that drains resources and wrecks employee engagement. Manual data-entry processes have proven stubbornly tenacious even in highly automated sectors like financial management. So you’ll still find it in tasks like managing accounts payable or recording operational costs.

Benefits of automating data entry with AI include:

◦ Faster and ease data entry
◦ Promoting enhanced user engagement and experience
◦ Reducing human error
◦ An increase in employee efficiency
◦ Rapid adoption of new processes and technologies

Automated data capture for healthcare

Promote CRM Adoption

Unsurprisingly, manual data entry remains one of the key impediments to successful CRM adoption.

Instead of making sales or doing value-adding productive work, CRM users spend valuable time manually inputting data from their daily interactions and trust us; they rarely enjoy it.

Given the tedious nature of manual CRM entries, it’s little wonder many salespeople avoid the task like the plague. As a result, only 40% of all updates make it into a CRM database.

For example, when entering contact information, sales reps tend to cherry-pick higher-value accounts that promise ongoing business over those that don’t.

Unfortunately, this causes worrying blind spots and inaccurate data and is often widespread in companies struggling with CRM adoption.

Adopting a CRM system only occurs when the system becomes a natural, consistent, and efficient part of every user’s workflow. And by implementing Ariya, recording day-to-day CRM data is a quick and straightforward task.

Every time we present this skill to prospective users, it’s proven to be the most popular feature they would use daily to save time and effort. Plus, this is an addition to Ariya’s skill finding sales information in company systems.

With Ariya, users can easily find customer files and make a follow-up CRM entry – hands-free

Accurate record keeping

Employees find processing data physically draining, and inputting, verifying and reporting on data is time-consuming and expensive.

Accuracy is a concern too. According to Sirius Decisions, every incorrect CRM record costs a company $100. Moreover, mistakes can wreak havoc on customer relations. Simply misspelling a prospect’s name can compromise a relationship from the outset and may
even prompt complaints.

Automating your data entries eliminates transcription errors and reduces the time involved in recording, entering and verifying data processes.

Ariya uses AI technologies like RPA, NLP And NLU, all of which drive accuracy and speed in data processing.

You can type your entry or dictate it to Ariya. Her AI can identify the data type and drop it into the relevant form field, making the entire process a breeze.

Improve patient website user experience

No user enjoys the idea of filling out forms before they can get help, especially patients needing immediate medical attention.

The ability to schedule appointments, fill out forms and access test results online using automation cuts down extended wait times, including the all-too-common frustration associated with booking a doctor’s appointment and reporting adverse events for instance. 

Recently we ran a pilot on a patient site using Ariya to streamline the steps required to enrol on a <<patient/clinical >> training programme. The fantastic result for our client was more subscriptions than for previous courses. So naturally, they were delighted.

Similarly, patients and stakeholders like HCPs and KOLs feel more engaged with healthcare organization when Ariya guides them through information capture in a natural, conversational manner. Ariya’s conditional logic identifies the best flow of questions depending on the user’s responses, ensuring the capture of all relevant fields to complete the interaction.